Bunk Rooms

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Published: 08th June 2010
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A hot new trend that no lake home should be without is the "Bunk Room".

A lake home is a great place to get away for a little peace and quiet. However, it's also a great place to entertain a BIG crowd. Whether it's a large family gathering or a weekend getaway with several close families, the lake is a great place to get together. But where will you put all those kids? Enter the Bunk Room.

The Bunk Room is simply a space in the home that contains several beds or bunks so that it maximizes sleeping space. It almost always ends up becoming a favorite hangout spot as well.

The Bunk Room can be located in an attic loft, in the basement, or in a traditional bedroom. The space over a carport or garage can also make a great Bunk Room. Beds can be built into the low slope space behind the knee walls. For additional sleeping space consider building bunks on a screened sleeping porch.

Built in bunks come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. The traditional twin over twin bunk is still the most popular design. However, there are unlimited variations. Oversize bunks built for regular, queen, or even king size mattresses give a Bunk Room extra sleeping space and an unexpected twist. Bunks can be tucked away in unexpected places such as a dormer window or in the space under a set of stairs. A twin bunk hanging from the ceiling with a queen bed below provides extra sleeping space and a cool look.

Don't forget to add extra details that make your built in bunks complete. What about bookcases at the head of each bunk? Reading lights and outlets for plugging in cell phones and radios should be considered. Drawers underneath the bunks provide valuable storage. Curtains that surround each bunk can block out light and provide privacy when "sleeping in". Well placed "port holes" or round windows let in light and add interest.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the materials and colors that can be used in the Bunk Room. Build your bunks out of rough sawn stained wood or cover them in cedar shake for a rustic look. Smooth sanded wood and your choice of paint leads to a more refined and finished feel. Use your imagination and make sure the Bunk Room reflects your personality.

If you already own a lake home or if you are planning to build one, consider a Bunk Room to provide extra sleeping space and personality. Most importantly, when designing your Bunk Room, HAVE FUN!!
I guarantee the kids will!!

Max Fulbright has designed dozens of homes on Lake Wedowee.

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